Extractions in Glenview, IL

Diagram of tooth extraction | dental extractions in glenview ilAs dentists, our goal is to preserve our patients' teeth whenever possible, but sometimes extractions are necessary. When patients have impacted teeth, teeth that are damaged or decayed beyond the ability to restore them, or teeth that are too crowded to properly fit the jaw, we extract the teeth that are causing problems.

Oral surgery can be used to correct other issues as well. For instance, when a patient desires an implant but lacks sufficient jawbone or we wish to improve the fit of dentures, we can perform bone grafts to augment and preserve sites for future treatment. At Gallery Park Dental, we have the training to offer a wide range of oral surgery options in-office and, when necessary, refer to the appropriate specialist.

Tooth Extractions in the 60026 Area

Extractions consist of removing the complete tooth from the jawbone. Every mouth is different, and so is every extraction. Sometimes the procedure is simple, and sometimes it requires more advanced oral surgery techniques and procedures. We have the training and skill to perform both simple and more complex extractions at our Glenview dental office.

Oftentimes, an extraction can be completed comfortably and successfully using local anesthetic only, although we offer sedation options for patients who may require additional management. We offer a variety of options for sedation dentsitry in Glenview, IL, including nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and conscious IV sedation options.

After an extraction, graft material can be used to augment bone growth in the extraction site for future implants or dentures. Our Glenview dentists will provide you with after-care instructions after an extraction to ensure optimal healing of the extraction site.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Glenview, IL

While some people are fortunate and have no problem with their wisdom teeth, most people will need to have them removed at some point in their lives, most often between the ages of 17 and 25. Wisdom teeth are usually extracted when they become impacted. Impacted teeth press up against bone or other teeth and are unable to grow in normally. Wisdom teeth also have a higher rate of decay and gum disease due to their location at the back of the mouth and the difficulty of reaching them during brushing and flossing.

In general, wisdom teeth are easier to extract at a younger age. The teeth have not finished developing and the roots have not yet fully developed, and younger patients often heal faster. We recommend removal of wisdom teeth as soon as possible if there is any sign of impaction or decay. Wisdom teeth that appear to be growing in properly can be left in the mouth, but we recommend regular examinations to monitor these teeth for future problems.

Bone Grafts

If a tooth is extracted without further restoration procedures such as an implant, over time the jawbone can reabsorb, leaving patients with inadequate bone structure to support an implant or dentures. If patients decide to get an implant later, a bone graft may be necessary. Some patients lack sufficient bone structure to begin with due to genetics. Each patient is unique, and we will perform x-rays and thorough examinations to ensure our patients are a good candidate for bone grafts.

Sinus augmentation is a particular type of bone graft where the upper jawbone is augmented, reducing the size of the sinus cavity. This can be necessary to ensure proper implant placement in the upper jaw. Bone grafts can also be used to reshape a patient's jaw to ensure a better fit for dentures, particularly if there has been bone loss over time.

Dental Implant Placement

In most cases, we can perform the full implant procedure from start to finish in our dentist office, including implant placement, bone grafts if necessary, and a variety of restorations such as dental crowns, implant-supported bridges, and overdentures.

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