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What options do you offer for sedation dentistry?

Going to the dentist and having a dental cleaning can fill some patients with fear, dread, and anxiety. Dental anxiety can stem from bad past experiences, sensitive gag reflexes, or discomfort from the vibration of dental tools. 

For some people, dental anxiety is so prevalent that they would rather endure tooth pain until it becomes a stressful dental emergency. 

Phobia of the dentist is common and conquerable through sedation dentistry in Glenview, IL.

Relieve Dental Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry in Glenview

For people who would normally avoid dentists near 60026, sedation dentistry is the perfect solution. It removes any anxiety and feelings of discomfort and can be used in minimally invasive procedures and surgical treatments.

Sedation dentistry in Glenview works by using medication to help patients feel relaxed. Most sedation doesn't put patients to sleep - most patients can stay awake and even respond to their dentist.

Levels of sedation dentistry we provide are:Woman smiling during dental exam in Glenview IL

  • Nitrous Oxide means you are awake and responding but very comfortable and cozy. We use nitrous oxide as an inhalant to allow patients to relax. You can drive yourself home.
  • Oral sedation means you are still conscious but may not remember much of the procedure. Your Glenview dentist will give you a pill to take 30 minutes before the procedure- the range of sedation goes from mild to moderate. We ask that patients have a driver after their procedure.
  • IV sedation means most patients will not remember the procedure after the sedation wears off, except that it was pleasant. Similar to oral sedation, you should not drive after. Our dentists are certified to provide IV sedation at Gallery Park Dental.
  • General anesthesia means you are completely asleep.

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From dental cleanings to more complex procedures, we want our patients to feel completely relaxed. Your dentist in 60026 will work with you to determine the best sedation level to fit your procedure and needs. Contact Gallery Park Dental today to schedule your next appointment!

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