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How often do I need to have my teeth cleaned?

Typically, we recommend a professional dental cleaning and exam every 6 months. However, patients with periodontal disease or other complicating factors may be scheduled more frequently for cleanings. Regular dental exams and cleanings also allow Dr. Rogers, Dr. Gripentrog and the rest of our team to identify and treat issues early when they are less costly to fix. 

Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings

Regular cleanings are not just a good idea but they are essential for a lifetime of good dental health. Being conscientious about regular dental appointments for cleanings can make the difference between healthy teeth and gums or dental problems that seem to last forever.

Experienced Dental Care in 60026

Some people may wonder why a professional cleaning is necessary but no matter how well you brush and floss some plaque will always be left behind. Our experienced hygienists can use special instruments to get into those hard to reach places leaving your teeth the cleanest they will ever be! Regular, thorough dental cleanings and exams are the best defense against cavities and gum disease. Please call our Glenview dental office today to schedule your next dental cleaning appointment!


Patient Review:Testimonial - Barry F.

"Everybody here is exceptionally friendly, they're very professional, and I've been really pleased with the whole treatment process..."

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Patient Review:Testimonial - Rosa M.

"Dr. Rogers has the gentlest hands..."

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Improved tooth and gum health with professional cleaning
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