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What are my options if I am missing a tooth?

There are several different ways to replace a missing tooth and each option has its own advantages. In many cases, dental implants are considered the best long-term option however, they may not be right for every situation. In some cases, a dental bridge, partial denture or other option may be more suitable for the patient. 

Comprehensive Dental Care in 60026

At Gallery Park Dental, we place a strong emphasis on comprehensive care that considers each person individually when making recommendations for dental treatment. This means that we will consider many factors when treatment planning for a missing tooth or teeth. Dr. Rogers and Dr. Gripentrog will discuss your concerns and consider all factors when presenting your treatment options. The pros, cons and expected outcomes of each option will be discussed at length so that you will be able to make an informed choice about your care and determine which option is best for you. 

Call Our Glenview Office for a Consultation

If you are missing teeth, please call Gallery Park Dental today for a consultation. Missing teeth are a major concern when it comes to your dental health (as well as your self-confidence) and we want to help restore your healthy, complete smile.

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