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Want to See Us More Often? How We Address the Issues That Might Be Keeping You Away

April 29, 2018
Posted By: Jason Rogers, DDS
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According to a survey from Delta Dental, it appears that many patients want to see their dentist more often. In fact, dentists ranked higher than any other type of doctor including the dermatologist and general practitioners.

So what's keeping patients from visiting the dentist every six months? Many patients report that it's fear or anxiety about their dental appointments.

If you fall into this category, here is what your team at Gallery Park Dental can do to help you feel more at ease when you visit our office.

Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Drew Gripentrog and Dr. Jason Rogers are both highly skilled and trained in providing sedation dentistry, which can benefit patients who suffer from anxiety, have special needs, experience a touchy gag reflex, or have multiple complex treatment procedures they would like to complete during one appointment. Both dentists are also certified to provide IV sedation, which delivers the deepest relaxation possible and helps patients receive the dental treatments they need.

Here's more information about your sedation dentistry options.

Nitrous Oxide

Delivered in the form of a gas, nitrous oxide can help "take the edge off," during even the most standard procedure such as a dental cleaning. Also called laughing gas, nitrous is known to cause feelings of euphoria and help patients relax right away. Because it leaves your system immediately, it is safe for patients to drive home and resume their normal activities after a procedure completed with nitrous.

Oral Sedation

This type of sedation is administered with a pill that you take one hour before your procedure. You will remain conscious and responsive throughout your treatment, but due to the nature of the medication, you'll feel deeply relaxed, even as if you were sleeping. This type of sedation requires a ride to and from your appointment, and you'll need to plan on relaxing for the rest of the day after your procedure.

IV Sedation

Medication is delivered intravenously during IV sedation, while vital signs and heart rate are constantly monitored throughout the procedure. Patients are still conscious and responsive during this type of procedure as well; however, they are so relaxed they are not concerned about what is happening. They will also have little to no memory of the appointment. 

If you're looking for options for family dentistry in Glenview, IL, but fear has kept you away from the dentist; contact Gallery Park Dental to learn more about how we can help you.

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