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Best Practices for At-Home Oral Health Maintenance

July 20, 2016
Posted By: Jason Rogers, DDS
Home Oral Care in Glenview IL, Gallery Park Dental

If you are looking for a Glenview dentist with a preventive approach to dental care, you have come to the right place. All great dentistry starts with a solid foundation in prevention. Together, we can create an alliance with our patients to promote healthy smiles. Part of that is effective patient education.

Best Practices for At-Home Health Maintenance

Diet and Nutrition

Eat a healthy diet! Avoiding sugar and acidic foods help you to keep your teeth healthy. Starchy foods turn to sugar and can also cause cavities. Acidic food and beverages can cause more damage than candy. Some of those include soda, certain fruit juices, and energy drinks.

Brush Twice a Day!

Are you getting the most out of brushing your teeth? Be sure to use a toothbrush that fits your mouth properly so that you can reach all areas of your teeth effectively. A soft toothbrush is best because harder toothbrushes can damage your delicate gum tissue.

Use a fluoride toothpaste! Fluoride strengthens enamel and protects against cavities. Teach kids to spit out toothpaste instead of swallowing it.

When you brush, do so gently. The tips of the bristles do all the work. When you brush near your gums, be sure to angle your toothbrush so that the bristles can reach just beneath the gum line to remove plaque.

Be sure to cover all areas of your teeth – front, back, the gum line, and the chewing surfaces. Don’t rinse your mouth right away after you brush! The fluoride in your toothpaste will continue to work.

Floss Like a Boss

When you floss your teeth, be sure to gently move your floss up and down on each side of your teeth. The goal should be to squeegee away plaque and bacteria.

If you are looking for a Glenview dentist, we look forward to welcoming you to our dental family.

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