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Deck the Halls - And Call Your Dentist to Make the Most of Your Dental Benefits!

December 10, 2017
Posted By: Jason Rogers, DDS
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With the holidays upon us, the last thing you are probably thinking about is your dentist. Perhaps you should be, and your dentist in Glenview explains why.

Maximizing Your 2017 Dental Benefits

Did you know that your dental benefits may be running out at the end of December? It's true!

Most dental plans run on a calendar year, which means that they start in January and end in December. If this is the case for your plan, it means that your benefits are about to end and you might lose any benefit dollars you haven't used yet.

Your plan may also have a deductible that renews in January. It will save you money to have any outstanding treatment done in December if you've already met your deductible for the year.

What Should I Do?

Have you had both of your cleaning and checkup visits for 2017? If not, be sure to schedule your appointment right away as most dental plans cover most or all of your routine visits.

You can also contact your dentist to determine if you have any outstanding treatment such as a crown or dental filling that needs to be completed. Scheduling before the end of December will save you money and your dentist can advise you on what treatment you need.

Still Have Questions?

If you aren't sure how your dental benefits work, or you still have questions on what appointments you should schedule, contact your dentist and ask to speak with the treatment or insurance coordinator to determine your scheduling needs.

At Gallery Park Dental, Dr. Gripentrog and Dr. Rogers are happy to help you make the most of your dental benefits, and with helpful early morning and late evening appointments, we've left plenty of room in our schedule to accommodate your needs before the end of 2017. Give us a call today to arrange a convenient time for your schedule.

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