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Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

February 17, 2017
Posted By: Jason Rogers, DDS
Invisalign Glenview IL

If you are like most people, the thought of braces brings to mind an awkward preteen with a mouth full of wires and brackets. If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, you might not want the commitment that comes along with traditional metal braces.

Luckily, there are other options available, including Invisalign invisible braces, available from your Glenview dentist Dr. Drew Gripentrog. Why live with crooked teeth when you can have your teeth straightened without dealing with traditional braces?

Let’s take a look at Invisalign invisible braces and determine whether or not you might be a good candidate for them.

Reasons for Getting Orthodontics

Other than the obvious reason for getting braces—a straight smile is more attractive—there are other, noncosmetic reasons to get braces as well.

One of the problems with crooked or misaligned teeth is that they are more difficult to keep clean. It’s tougher to floss and brush when teeth are not aligned properly. Improper oral hygiene can lead to serious problems, such as gum disease.

Teeth that are misaligned can also impact the way a person can bite down. Having an improper bite—malocclusion—can cause problems with the TMJ or teeth can become unduly worn.

Are You a Good Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign is a good option for teens and adults who might not want to spend many months or even years wearing metal braces. If your teeth and gums are otherwise healthy and your teeth are simply crooked, Invisalign might be a good option.

If you are dealing with problems such as an overbite or underbite, you should talk to your dentist about other orthodontic options.

It is also important that if you decide to get Invisalign that you be committed to wearing the clear aligners at least 23 hours per day. You can remove them for eating and for cleaning your teeth; otherwise, they should be worn consistently if you want to have good results.

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