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4 Ways Teeth Whitening Improves Your Life

Teeth Whitening Glenview IL

Has your smile lost a bit of its sparkle and shine? Discoloration is a natural occurrence, and it happens to our teeth over time, because of our lifestyle or the foods we eat, and as we age. The good news is that you can combat stains or discoloration with teeth whitening, which is a quick and effective treatment that will update your smile. Here are a few of the ways teeth whitening can improve your life.

More Money in Your Wallet

Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable dental treatments, yet it also delivers a big impact. Patients can typically choose between an in-office procedure for immediate results or customized take-home ...

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Does Whitening Toothpaste Actually Work?

Tooth Paste Selection in Glenview IL, Gallery Park Dental

Walk down the dental aisle of any local convenience store and you will be bombarded with stacks of toothpastes claiming to make your teeth “X shades whiter.” It seems like every toothpaste these days provides some sort of teeth whitening. But does whitening toothpaste actually whiten your teeth?



Whitening Toothpastes vs. In-Office or Take-Home Teeth Bleaching

Daily use of toothpaste does help to continuously remove surface stains on teeth from food or drink and subsequently keeps teeth whiter. However, this is true of all toothpastes, not just whitening toothpastes. The abrasivity of toothpaste allows for plaque and surface stain removal while fluoride helps to strengthen enamel. But this does not actually help ...

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