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Want to See Us More Often? How We Address the Issues That Might Be Keeping You Away

Nervous Woman in Dental Chair | Dentist Glenview IL

According to a survey from Delta Dental, it appears that many patients want to see their dentist more often. In fact, dentists ranked higher than any other type of doctor including the dermatologist and general practitioners.

So what's keeping patients from visiting the dentist every six months? Many patients report that it's fear or anxiety about their dental appointments.

If you fall into this category, here is what your team at Gallery Park Dental can do to help you feel more at ease when you visit our office.

Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Drew Gripentrog and Dr. Jason Rogers are both highly skilled and trained in providing sedation dentistry, which can benefit patients ...

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Scared of Going To the Dentist? Gallery Park Dental Can Help!

Dental Anxiety in Glenview IL, Gallery Park Dental

Fear of going to the dentist, or dental phobia, affects an estimated 13%-24% of people around the world. Many times this anxiety of dental visit begins because of traumatic dental experiences as a child. Glenview dentists Dr. Jason Rogers and Dr. Drew Gripentrog understand this common fear. At Gallery Park Dental we go above and beyond to make our patients feel comfortable from the minute they walk in our office.


Top 5 Reasons People Avoid Going to the Dentist

  1. Cost – An estimated 44% of people who avoid the dentist do so because of costs. At Gallery Park Dental we are in-network providers of most major insurances. For patients who do not ...

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